Beyond Dreadlocks

Business Course

Find your creative power and create your future.

Whether your goal is to support yourself, have more time with your family, cultivate your positive mindset or increase your independence, Ellie B, founder of Authentic Dreads shows you the path to creating your own purpose driven, life that you want.

Get unlimited, on demand access to online video's of dreadlocks technique, business, marketing and mindset, along with group Zoom calls to refine and motivate you on your journey. 

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dreadlocks training in person course

Want to see what your potential earnings with a dreadlocks business are?

Find out how much time you can put into the service aspect of your business and what that will bring you and your family.

course outline

Mindset - the number one thing to creating a successful purposeful business.

We cover - in detail - Purpose and Intention. The Journey Boundaries SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats) Health and Business

Define your business so the right people connect with you.

Defining your business gives you direction and pin points the customers you want. When you know your business and your ideal clients, it is natural for them to connect with you. Here we cover and you create: Your Business Name Customer Persona/Avatar Your Clients Mission statement Positioning Statement Colour Palette Logo Ideas

Making your life easy - systems, admin and marketing

Booking System and Payments Financials and Insurance Build Your Website Visual Content Creation Create Facebook Create Instagram Blogs, Vlogs and Learning Center Customer Journey - leading to sales Marketing Plan Facebook Marketing Plan Instagram Facebook Advertising

Growing Made Easy

This is where you create a range of skills and products that allow you to take care of your clients and save time. This is preperation for success. We cover: Consultation Systemising Responses. Pricing Structure Scaling Home to Studio

Then it’s time for DREADLOCKS.

This is what you really want to know. I teach a technique that is suitable for every head. It is fast, low pain for the client, easy and effective. In this section, you are being given the gift of a decade of learning and information to tell clients that took me many mistakes and successes to gather and learn. Dreadlocks Product Recommendations Scalp Conditions Head Lice Sectioning Maintenance Repairs Extensions Wax

Disclaimer for SUCCESS

This is not just a dreadlocks course or a business course. It is about how you make an impact on the world and other people while being supportive, creative, flexible, and making money. This is an all-rounded course that helps you get clear on why you are doing this, what impact you want to have with this business, and how to scale to make money. Where to start to build to whatever income and impact you want to have. I am not looking for people who want to make a quick buck. This is not for you. This is for people who want to align their work with a positive impact on the world through connection with clients and making things beautiful in a not so mainstream way. I want people with the intention to make a change in the world. And the best thing about this course, you get to decide on and get clear about the change and impact you want to make. This brings in the clients that are aligned and work is an absolute joy. You can work from home or have a studio, I help you plan either and to scale up from home to studio if that what you want. Your direction is in your hands. All you have to do is trust and decide. There are 2 options Fully online and the other in-person