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Pros and Cons of Dreadlocks Extensions

Extensions, like anything else, have a lot of pros and cons. They work better in certain sorts of hair in certain situations and with certain lifestyles. It also has a lot to do with the values of the person and what you are trying to achieve with your dreadlocks adventure.

Let’s start with the Dreadlocks PROS

Extensions can be attached to hair that is 10 cm or more. This way you can start your dreads journey a lot sooner than you otherwise would have. In the beginning, your dreadlocks will look more mature and thicker with extensions.

You can choose any color you like and you can go lighter without having to bleach your own hair.

We can add extensions to already made dreadlocks so you can skip any links you choose. Extensions are good for people who want to create a certain look straight away.

If you’re not a patient person, this is a great way to set it up. Your hair will immediately be in a good length to tie and bun.

On the other hand, here are the Dreadlocks CONS that you need to watch out for.

Extensions create a very uniform look. They do not allow your hair to develop in their own unique way.

At times, they can slip on the hair creating thinner spots that need to be filled out at a later date.

If your extensions are blonde, the hair can sometimes be brutal and last about 18 months.

Extension hair will become more brittle sooner than your own hair. Though you can expect darker hair to last a very long time, blond hair has a shorter life span.

Extensions can create a nice noticeable increase in weight on your head. It is something you need to get used to. It’s a sudden change and sometimes people are not ready for.

I personally love all the different lengths of dreadlocks. I feel that there are great things every length and every stage of the maturing dreads.

I feel sometimes with getting extensions you miss out on the crazy hairstyles you can have when your hair is shoulder-length.

My favorite was the pineapple hair. But I wish it away wanting my dreadlocks to be extremely long.

When they got long and I realize that my pineapple is fluffier than spiky, I really missed it. It’s one of those things where you can’t wish away because it’s hard to get back.

The close your hair texture is to the texture of the extensions, the better the extensions will hold.

If you have a lifestyle where you swim a lot, extensions will require a lot more maintenance and will take a longer time to drive. These aspects need to be considered when you are choosing extensions or natural.

If you are a person that likes things to be more natural and unique, extensions may not be for you. If you are someone who wants a look and is happy to go with what it takes, extensions are right up your alley.

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