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Maturing Process for Every Dreadlocks

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Just like everything else, there are also a lot of misconceptions about dreadlocks and the way they look at different stages. I’m writing this post to clarify and give light on the different methods of dreadlocks installation and what the maturing process is.

What Happens When dreads Start Maturing?

As dreadlocks mature, they start shrinking. The base and lengths will then be thicker, it may not feel like your hair is growing, but it is. When this happens, the dreads should be maintained and looked more often. About every 10-16 weeks for my clients.

If you have twist and rip dreadlocks, they will look very loose in the beginning. As they mature, they get incredibly loopy and loses a lot of length.

They will eventually look amazing, but you have to go through a lot of its crazy stages. Over time, they will shrink up and get a lot thicker. It will take years for you to gain this link. In about 2 to 3 years after installation, you will get your hair back to its original length. These dreadlocks require a lot of maintenance or palm rolling. If you have them crocheted by a professional, they will require less maintenance and loose less length.

With crochet dreads, you can also lose a little length, but not as much as the others. They can be fuzzy with loose hairs due to them not being felted at the start. They take between 8-18 months to mature depending on your hair type. Compared to other types, Chrochet dreads are harder and denser.

Authentic Dreads Dreadlocks Procedure

We like to ensure the quality of every dreadlock we create. We start it off with incredibly tight dreads that can maintain their shape for a long period of time. They shrink slowly over the first 18 months so your hair doesn’t seem to grow very fast but at the same time, you do not lose the length.

Unless your hair matures unusually in about 2 years, your dreadlocks will be mature and look like felt (rather than noted or twisted). We use a gentle crochet weaving method that holds the hair in and does not break the hair. Breaking the hair causes fly aways and messy dreads. We do not do this.

If you use wax, the maturing process can take a lot longer. This is because the wax gets between the shaft and doesn’t allow it to fill together. When your dreadlocks are felt together, this is the time that we call them mature dreads.

With mature dreadlocks, there’s less maintenance needed and less fuzz coming out along the whole length. If installed properly, this is the time when your dreads look perfect and you can do almost anything with them.


The main thing to note here is that all dreadlocks, no matter how they’re installed, have a maturing process. What you will experience varies depending on the installation method. At 2 to 3 years of your dreadlocks adventure, you will really notice how amazing they are. Every method has good and bad aspects that you will enjoy and not enjoy. But going through it is all part of the fun.

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