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How To Start My Own Dreadlocks Business?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Are you someone who wants to make living out of what you love??? So, if you have a love for hair and a passion for the cool, unique style that is dreadlocks, you may want to consider becoming a successful loctician.

Dreadlocks experts are hairstylists who specialize in creating trendy cool hairstyles and support you on a journey to a better self and amazing dreadlocks and support you on a journey to a better self and amazing dreadlocks

The Dreads business nowadays is highly lucrative. There is great earning potential for or dreadlocks professional, or locticians.

To start your successful dreads business, many steps must be taken. If you want to be successful on your purpose and creating an income, you not only need to take proper training and certification but also need to put a lot of efforts to establish your brand name in a fast-growing market.

By creating a great online presence, dreadlocks professionals can initiate to get notice of their work. Social media play a major role in the modern business world.

In this blog, I’m going to share various ways about how you can learn dreadlocks skills and start your own dreads business.

#1 Learn From YouTube

Google is the world’s largest search engine and YouTube is 2nd largest search engine to learning new skills. Nowadays, YouTube is no more about cat videos or funny videos.

YouTube generates billions of views a day across vlog, beauty, fitness, news, music, marketing movies, shows, and live streams. It is covering tons of information on almost every topic you can think of.

What’s more exciting is all this content is free, as long as you don’t mind sitting through few ads.

Among the millions of hours of uploaded videos, you can find great educational guides, advice, tutorials, lessons, and more.

This means you can learn DREADLOCKS BUSINESS skills as well from the comfort of your luxury home, however, it takes 2-3 years to get perfect.

So, if you have this much time then YouTube is a good idea to how to start your own dreads business.

#2 Learn by Friends

Learning by yourself or by your expert friends is another good way to start your own dreads business.

There are many advantages of learning dreads locks skills by yourself or by your friends such as

· you can choose your own pace, materials, methods, everything is up to you.

· you are less stressed out about failing in front of another person.

· You don’t need to pay the teacher

· It’s cheap and FREE

HOWEVER, the biggest drawback/disadvantages here is that · you will not get the constant support which is extremely important to learn to A-to-Z dreads experts’ skills about dreadlock methods, dreads maintenance, fix damages and tons of more things to expand dreads business in your local city and across the world, etc.

· No external accountability (which is beneficial and creates success sooner)

· Very Slow Learning

· No peripheral benefits

· Lack of expert tips & tricks

#3 Authentic Dreads – Learning with Ellie B (Me)

I founded Authentic Dreads in 2011 after having dreadlocks installed that was nothing like I wanted. I promised to provide a constant dreadlocks business that you wanted to start your new dreads business.

I offer Online Dreadlock Course and In-Person Dreads Course where I teach the best dreads technique that is suitable for every head. These techniques are fast, low pain for the client, easy, and effective.

I share with you all the mandatory dreadlock information that took me many mistakes and successes to gather and learn.

By me, you will learn from an expert who served 700+ clients and has 10 years of experience in dreads repair, damages, maintenance and to get more industry insights.

I will not only cover dreads technique but also includes how to increase your online presence, Marketing tactics, website done by 8 weeks.

Your clients will be booked (remove word “even”) before you open your dreads business.


So instead of just bouncing in the chair to get your dreadlocks business journey started, start your journey the right way by joining my exclusive dreads online course! If you wanted to start your dreads business, click here and join our in-person dreads course online today, or you can contact me for a prior consultation!

So, finally, what have decided, let me know in the comment section?? And congratulations, if you have already decided to become an awesomely successful loctician star.

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