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How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp with Dread Locks

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

After creating dreadlocks done, it's prime time to start paying more attention to your hair roots and scalp. A dry and itchy scalp can be due to a lack of attention to your scalp. The dreads themselves don't make your head itch but there are several reasons that people with new dreads experience itchiness.

Healthy, happy, mature dreads should not itch. If your dreads itch it is probably due to a dry scalp, build up on the scalp, washing the scalp with the wrong soap, not washing enough, or washing the scalp too many times.

In this blog, I’m going to share the best home remedies that are designed specifically to ease an itchy scalp caused by dreadlocks.

#1 – Peppermint Hydrolysis (Hydrosol) spray

It’s always preferred to use peppermint hydrolysis spray than peppermint oil. Peppermint hydrolysis spray is better than peppermint oil because it helps to reduce Itch quicker comparatively.

Peppermint has stimulant properties. Spray it on your scalp once or twice a day to reduce itch and to stimulate hair growth by revitalizing the hair follicles. It can be stored in the fridge, as cold also provide relief to the itchy scalp.

#2 - Spray with Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is extremely effective for hair and itchy scalp treatment especially to take care of newly created dreads locks.

It not only calms down the itchy scalp but also helps hair growth, increases hair follicles as well as soothes dry scalp. Lavender Oil will give your scalp and hair a healthy treat since it has antibacterial properties and kills fungus.

Its anti-bacterial property leaves your dreads protected against many forms of scalp irritants. This medicinal oil nourishes and moisturizes both scalp and dreadlocks.

#3 - Use Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree essential oil is a great way to care for your dreadlocks! Very easy to use, just add water in the spray bottle and 4-6 drops of tea tree oil and you are ready to rock your dreads with a few splashes in the roots.

You and your hair will feel new and refreshed again. Tea tree essential oil has a warm, fresh and spicy aroma. I personally use it and supply it as well.

#4 – Dreadlocks Deep Cleaning with baking soda and apple cider vinegar

To get rid of Itchy scalp with dreadlocks it’s vital to deep clean your dreads. For this, you need to wash your dreads using baking soda with shampoo. After that, it is vital to rinse with apple cider vinegar because it brings your scalp back to a normal PH.

Apple cider vinegar also kills bacteria and fungus, softens the locks, and stimulates hair growth. It makes itchy down and also nourishes the scalp.

In fact, apple cider vinegar is the best idea overall if you have caked residue and can't get rid of it otherwise. The vinegar is acidic in nature and will dissolve the build-up without hurting your dreads.

#5 – Use DIY exfoliating scrub

Exfoliating the scalp is another technique you can use to remove flakes easily and remove the itch. Your scalp is an extension of your face and should be treated with the same care. It is very important to remove build-up off of the scalp in a way that is gentle and maintains the

Put This paste on Scalp, Massage It. And then Wash it out with shampoo and use apple soda vinegar to rinse

Mix ingredients in a small bowl well before applying. Apply the paste on your scalp and Massage it very well into scalp in circular motions for several minutes. Rinse it without shampoo, also rinse with apple soda vinegar and style as usual.

#6 – Keep Scalp Dry

Try to keep the scalp as dry as possible to maintain healthy dreads. If you live in a humid area make sure to wash you scalp once a week.

If you wash your dreadlocks more than twice a week, try to reduce that frequency gradually to once per week. Washing too frequently, especially with a harsh shampoo, may strip your scalp of too many oils and lead to a dry, itchy scalp with dreadlocks.

#7 - Massage your scalp

When you do massage, it stimulates your scalp you are unknowingly removing old skin cells that keep the scalp skin healthy and prominently, a nice head massage increases blood circulation to your scalp. Healthy blood flow to your scalp means a healthy well-nourished scalp.


Most people with dreads experience Itchy Scalp at some point. So, you shouldn’t feel like you’re fighting this battle alone! I hope you’ve learned a lot from this blog, apply my best recommendations to reduce your Itchy Dreads & Dandruff issues.

Wash the dreadlocks a lot more, take time to get more maintenance, but don’t compromise with scalp health and itch. A good Journey is more important. If you have any questions or recommendations of your own, feel free to leave a comment below.

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