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How to Fix Dreads with Little Damages

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Dreadlocks are growing in popularity. They have become the hairstyle of choice for many men and women who want natural hair without fuss. Fashionistas along with everyone nowadays are tempted by the many gorgeous hairstyles that you can easily pull off with a healthy head of locks.

Although there are many great benefits to having dreadlocks, there are also many misconceptions about the dreadlock, and most of the time they are negative. Primarily, there are claims that dreadlocks contribute to poor hygiene, hair loss, and damaged hair that are hard to fix dreads.

However, it’s just a myth and it’s super simple to fix dreads with little damages. Dreads will never make your hair fall out if you are maintaining good health of your dreads and taking necessary precautions with a healthy lifestyle.

In my today’s blog, I’m going to cover how to fix dreads with little damages.

#1 Use Cotton Thread Wrap

I suggest using cotton thread wrap over the weak areas to make it a little more secure, preferred to wrap it at the base as well. The solid cotton wrap is helpful to eliminate any friction, which leads to more secure dreadlocks for a long time.

Also, make sure to add some healthy hairs in that area so that it anchors together. This is an at-home technique that keeps them secure until you can get to your loctitian to have them properly maintained and repaired.

#2 Use a Crochet hook for Perfect dreadlocks

You can use crochet effectively to fix the dreadlocks with little damages and make your dreads cool. However, you need to use it very gently, so, also if you are good with crochet hook you can fix your dreads easily and double up the extensions as well.

It is a very safe way to use a crochet hook to make your dreads look great. If you have not used a crochet hook before, it’s worth practicing it, as there are so many different ways to use crochet to fix dreadlocks' damages.

The simplest way to fix dreads is to use crochet to fix dread damage is to grab loose hairs with a needle and pull them through the dreadlock. You can use a 0.75 crochet hook to fix the dread damages.

You need to wrap the loose hairs around the dreadlocks and pull the loose hairs with the crochet through the middle of the center and tie loose hairs.

#3 Palm Rolling

Palm rolling is a very popular technique to fix lumpy dreads or loopy dreads and for well-established dreads also. It helps to tighten and compress the dreads, however, you need to be very careful, as constant twisting too tightly can weaken the hair strands & damage the locs.

Palm rolling also helps in getting loose hair on the surface of the dreadlocks. It works much better than "twisting" for dreads that usually start by backcombing.

In the palm rolling method you simply place the dreadlock between the base of your palms. And then rub the dreads back & forth with gentle pressure.

It is also very effective in giving you locs a more uniform structure & cylindrical appearance by smoothing out the lumps or bumps in dreads.

So, the utmost thing you need to understand is that most lumps, bumps, loops, and dread zig-zags can be easily fixed just by palm rolling regularly with a small amount of dread wax.

Final Thoughts

The best protection against damaged dreadlocks is to prevent them by giving your hair breathing room. It’s okay to take a month or two to re-twist your locs, this gives your hair relief from strain and tension that causes hair loss.

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