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Dreadlocks Soak and Clean

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

If your dreadlocks need a bit of love and to remove environmental and scalp build up then a deep clean will be on the cards.

Dreadlocks are absorbers. They have many areas where dust, lint, oils, sand etc can lodge into the areas between the hairs. They are fine and cannot be seen. If your dreads are looking dull, oily or feeling dense then it maybe time you give them and you some self care and love and do a deep clean.

To do this you can use a bucket, sink or buy a much more comfortable blow up hair soak tub. This looks like a good one at a good price on Amazon.

What you need to do the dreadlocks soak is to have the water as warm as you can handle it. You also need to be able to submerge your dreadlocks in the amount of water to the roots so you get all the scalp lodgement area. Once you have the very warm water in the tub you need 1/2 cup of bicarb soda and apple cider Vinegar (ACV). Put thee in the water.

If you choose you can add essential oils that you like. Good ones for your dreadlocks and scalp are rosemary, bergamot, lavender and clove (clove for removing any mildew smells dreadlocks can get).

In the water you can agitate and role the dreadlocks close to the base to get the scalp residue out of the base. Also, if your dreadlocks have dirt and build up in them squeeze them to get the soak into the middle.

Soak this for 20 or so min.

Now you can rinse out in the shower. If you feel they are clean and the water is running clean in the shower shampoo and finish. I you are unsure, use a white towel and rub the bases and lengths quite hard to see the colour of the towel. If they feel greasy, oily or dirty, repeat the soak again.

When you feel your dreadlocks are clean, wash with shampoo and let dry.

I hope this leaves you with squeaky clean dreadlocks that you love.


Ellie B

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