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In 2011 when I had my dreadlocks installed, I was naive and had dreadlocks installed that were no where near what I wanted. As you can imagine, I was a bit disappointed. After many hours of research and choosing I thought I had made the best decision. In the end, after brushing out this set and installing myself, it turns out it was the best decision. From this start I decided things had to change and better information had to be available. So this is what we stand for.

Left - Initial Install (27 loc's). Right - After Self Fix (56 loc's)

“Providing impartial information to the best of our knowledge and ability so people can have the best dreadlocks and enjoy their journey.”

Authentic Dreads is about providing a wide range of information and options to people about Dreadlocks. So that they make the best decision for themselves. Yes it is about being unique in your life, but also contributing something of value.

Something of value can be the things you do for people, the things you do for yourself, just being who you really want to be - is something of value. It can also be your purpose in the world coming to the forefront to really make a difference.

It is about inspiring people to really step up and show who they really are.

It is about helping people connect with themselves and others more to show others that life can be exactly how you want to leave it. It is also about deliberately creating a look that is different and unique for you. It is about helping people look how they want, no matter what the reason. It is about creating Dreadlocks that last and are easy and are what people ask for. It’s about creating Dreadlocks that suit the individual, their hair and their lifestyle. It is about having a positive impact and reducing the negative impact on the world. It is about contributing to a bigger cause for every client that comes for us. It is about connecting beautiful people so that we all know the goodness that the world can offer. It is about honesty and authenticity.

6 months after fix.

At the start I thought we were about providing decent information and creating amazing dreadlocks. Then, with experience and wisdom I realised we stand for much more. We stand for supporting bold choices that the world needs. Unique beings who challenge the stigma of the world. People willing to move through their own discomfort to present to the world a more authentic self. We do this by allowing people to stand out in the way that they want to stand out not by some social expectations of how they should be.

Authentic Dreads is here to walk with you on the adventure of life, not just dreadlocks. We support people to be responsible for their life and choices through the decision and continuing Journey of dreadlocks and beyond.

Let's get started with your dreadlocks journey.

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