New Dreadlocks

I had such an amazing afternoon getting my dreads done with Ellie. Sitting on her balcony and chatting away.

She has magic hands, it didn’t hurt a bit...

I absolutely love my new dreads.


While other artists lose a lot of length with the install and do not tailor your dreadlocks to suit your hair, I use a mixture of methods tailoring them to your needs, lifestyle, and hair while maintaining your length, dreadlocks integrity and hair health.

I do not use any perming solutions, waxes, glues, or sewing cotton to create dreadlocks. Our method includes tightly weaving and binding the hair follicles together with a tiny hook with or without twist and rip or slight backcombing depending on your needs.

Prices range from $280 minimum to $1200 depending on the length of your hair and the thickness of dreadlocks you would like.