build your confidence and reignite your purpose!

Whether your goal is to support your family, work from home, have more time, be creative, or do something you love, Authentic Dreads Training teaches you the mindset and skills to creating a sustainable at home business. Get unlimited, on demand access to online business, marketing and technique sessions and 8 weeks of 1:1 and group sessions.

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Start your journey,


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"I didn't want to be working for anyone and missing out on family life. I joined up because I didn't know anything about business and I didn't know if I would be capable to run a business on my own. I learn a lot about me doing the course, not just business. I did the online course and the videos I watched helped a lot with making and practicing dreadlocks.


Ellie was really warm and approachable while doing the course. I had a lot of questions that were pretty silly, but she answered them and was patient with me the whole way.

I've got the confidence now to take on pretty much any dreadlocks head that comes at me and I just want to build and be really successful."

- Brea from Dreadlocks Breaze
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Authentic Dreads
Online Training
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Through the empowering combination of Mindset Coaching, Business Setup, Marketing Skills, and dreadlocks Technique Training, the Authentic Dreads Online Training will change the way you feel about yourself and earn a living.

100% online, lifeling access to supporting videos, it puts you in complete control letting you peruse your own personal way of learning, time availability and care for yourself and family.

Welcome to

"A successful at home business starts with mindset and learning,

not tireless solo work.

It's about creating the life your want, not running yourself into the ground."

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And the real passion...? Is motivated by

self-worth, independence, care and  self-confidence.

Right here, today, is when you rediscover how to accept where you're at in life and show yourself the value and trust you have always deserved.

Imagine instead of working just because you have to to try and cover the bills and help out, you learnt to build a home business and have time, money and enjoyable work.

Think about what that would do for your mindset, motivation and family…

But, look, I totally get it.

Over the years, you may have been worn down by the  expectations you have been trying to live up to and the overwhelming amount of things to do in every day life.

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It’s time to
live your life
building life confidence, and changing the voice that sometimes says you’re not good enough.
More than likely, you know you want to start something new. You know you need to… but you’re unsure, overwhelmed,
and possibly even a little nervous and afraid to go it alone.
doing work you love,

Or  you live with a nagging little voice telling you you don’t deserve time of your own to development and what you love…

I’m here to help you become

the loctitian you want

Your first empowering step starts with being honest with yourself and asking if any of the following is holding you back from stepping into your own home loctitian business.
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You are working too much and it is already exhausting.

There is too much to do right now to make life work. It all feels a little out of your control.

You have tried building a business before

and it’s been too much. You had no idea what was needed and how to bing it all together. You feel worried that you will do it again and let yourself down.

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You feel like you could never spend money and time on yourself.

It’s selfish to and scary take spend the money on yourself when others need it or there are pressing bills to pay.

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You have so many priorities in your life

You are being pulled in every direction. Deciding to make your wants and need important is scary and you cannot see how it is possible.

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You've got an endless list of other things in your life,

like crazy hectic work, preparing lunches and dinners or dropping kids off at school. With all this going on, it’s impossible to fit your schedule into atypical study.

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You feel like you could never spend money and time on yourself

It's selfish to and scary take spend the money on yourself when others need it or there are pressing bills to pay.

Above all else… somewhere along the way you forgot about your needs,

lost confidence in yourself and started feeling like you weren’t good enough…

I know this feeling all too well!

Because I felt it too.

For WAYYYY too long in my life...

When I say I’ve been there before, I totally mean it.

Just take a listen to some of the things I used to do because I felt so stuck and exhausted with where I was at… maybe you can relate?

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  • I'd feel like my focus was on others and the kids and I had nothing for myself.

Even when I had some success with with little venturers. They didn't go anywhere...
  • I would go to work just for the money and be stuck in groundhog day

  • I had to work on other peoples timeline and miss out on important family events.

  • I felt like I was doing everything that was expected of me, and nothing that made me happy.

  • I was feeling a bit depressed like it was ground hog day even though I had my amazing kids and husband.

  • I would start good ideas to make it a business, but it would fizzle out because I didn’t know how to start and build a business.

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eCourse Marketing Templates For Social M

I knew this shouldn't be so hard for anyone. That there had to be a way to make an income, work in an area you love and have self-worth (perhaps even love!) no matter even with kids and family commitments.

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What if there was an
way to become a


successful loctitian that can help you...
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eCourse Marketing Templates For Social M
eCourse Marketing Templates For Social M
eCourse Marketing Templates For Social M
eCourse Marketing Templates For Social M
eCourse Marketing Templates For Social M
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Feel confident in everything dreadlocks

Learn in a way that keeps you open and improving with a mixture of mindset coaching and clearly explained technique. You are helped to assess and see what us happening so you gain confidence to self correct.

Help you to build your business easily and quickly

All of the heavy lifting is made layer out in a step by step process. You end up further along than you even know so bringing it together is simple. You have done the work without even knowing it.

Feel supported and a part of a tribe just like you

You will join a tribe of home based loctitians working helping, encouraging and holding each other accountable to improve and create not only successful business’s, but life.

Experience more calm purposeful work

When you start to work in alignment with your purpose, challenges seem easier, your mind is quieter and the people more your type. This flows into your life with more enjoyment for the things you value.

Move through your past limits

that are holding you back from being the person you want to be. Discover how you change and the way you see yourself when you step over your current limitations into your purpose. The actions you take on this journey change your life into the one you really want.

See that you are worth the investment

Of time and attention from yourself and your future in a healthy, loving way that makes you stronger, more confident and happier in daily life.

If you’re searching for a way to work from home, have time for things you value and love your work
You're in the right place.
Somehow for some reason the common idea is that working for yourself is crazy unstable. There is zero emphasis on the joy in personal confidence and growth on the journey.
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Online Training.
Authentic Dreads
Here is what you get when you


Every single Authentic Dreads class is accessible on-demand with the click of a button inside the Online library.
Feeling to build your website? Practice basic technique? You will easily find the exact class you want, whatever you have time for. 12 months access.

Complete Library access on demand.

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Each zoom class is tailored to you and the group and focuses on what each individual needs. We refine your business, marketing, mindset, and website. You are supported to reach your goals. you are never left to wonder if what you are doing is right. Here, you gain clarity and take action. 6 months access.

Group coaching on Zoom.

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Training to become a skilled loctitian.

The online videos are the start point. You get personal coaching and feedback and help to improve your technique and your ability. You will go away confident that you are able to create the dreadlocks you have always wanted.

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A way to sustain motivation.

A step by step guide to launch and grow your business.

You will go beyond the grind of forcing yourself to work and discover your clear purpose. This purpose is your why and when used with doing work you love you will find the courage and energy to get tasks done. You will be amazed at the simple steps to sustain your motivation. You will be given actionable steps you can immediately implement to take your practice, mindset and motivation to new heights.

Suffering a little decision fatigue? Need a little expert guidance? Leave it with me!
Each week, I give you a a set of tasks to complete for your week ahead, specifically designed to have your home studio ready to confidently create dreadlocks.

Never stress out that you don't know what to do next or if you're missing something.



Guidance to get your ideal and loyal clients.

You will no longer have to work with people you don't enjoy. You will be guided in tools and mindset to attract the people you WANT to be with. Logical steps and ways to make this happen. No woo-woo put it out to the universe here. (although I do believe the universe gives you exactly what you want).


All the tools to train and open your home studio.

There is no need to rush and buy your supplies. I will send them to you. EVERYTHING you need to practice in training and to set up your home studio. You will get the best dreadlocking tools and accessories to make your work the best quality.


Over a decade of knowledge in dreadlocks and business.

If you have imagined it, I've probably done it. In the 10years I have learnt the hard way and tried many thing you really shouldn't. I have failed at many things business and dreadlocks so you do not have to. I've waisted a lot of time and money trying new things and going in the wrong direction so you don't have to. You're here to learn from my success and failure.


A tribe that is there for you all the way.

You're not on your own here. You can ask any question to the group, facebook page or me directly on zoom. You can also bring ongoing question to the monthly webinars to support long term growth after your course is complete. Get support you need and feel a part of something much bigger.

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Start your online training and get unlimited access to hands on dreadlocks technique training on your schedule. 

Imagine working from home where you can be who you want and how you want doing something you love.


Where there is no judgment having kids around, being able to take time when you need it and set your own price per hour.

And to get there, you can learn, practice and build confidence at HOME.

That thing you just imagined in your mind?
Well, that's Authentic Dreads Online Training and being a loctitian.

Be who you want, how you want while you feel good about the work you do. No more need for daycare and missing special events.



your study option

From the comfort of home to a training get away.

Online and In-person

12 months access to video tutorials.

6 Months Biweekly Group Coaching Sessions

Access to Qualified Loctitians Support group on facebook.

Personal copy editing for your website.

1:1 Website feedback and help.

1:1 dreadlocks technique troubleshooting and perfecting.

Ongoing monthly technique and business webinars.

Authentic Dreads Certification Certificate

3 Days in-person training with real clients, amazing connection, coffee and healthy snacks.

Payment plan options.

$4897 AUD
Personalized payment plans available
Conditions Apply
100% Online

12 Months access to video tutorials.

6 Months Biweekly Group Coaching Sessions

Access to Qualified Loctitians Support group on facebook.

Personal copy editing for your website.

1:1 Website feedback and help.

1:1 dreadlocks technique troubleshooting and perfecting.

Ongoing monthly technique and business webinars.

Authentic Dreads Certification Certificate

Payment plan options.

Train 100% at home from anywhere in the world.

Join anytime

$3,587 AUD
Personalized payment plans available
Conditions Apply

Best for International

Your Teacher


It's no exaggeration to say starting Authentic Dreads changed my life and this inspired me to create this Online Course, so you can have the same incredible experience.

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I spent years and years telling myself limiting money, self and family stories. I didn't have any money of my own or spare cash.

But the real toxicity came from the building resentment toward my husband and kids. I thought it was them holding me back.

I was going through life doing what needed to be done with little joy. I took care of others and neglected my passions and heart needs.

I worked my butt off for boss's and my kids because I didn’t value my unique self and purpose. I gauged my value on how others saw me, and I did not ever want to be seen as struggling so I kept it all in.

But no matter how much I did to meet others expectations, tried to be perfect and kept it all to myself. I was never 100% happy.

Through my journey with building Authentic Dreads I realised the only one who could change my situation and myself was ME.

And not my husband or the amount of approval I got from other people.

Sure, Authentic Dreads training will help you become a successful loctitian with a stable business. But the real magic is in the supported decisions you make to change the way you see yourself and situations motivated by self-worth, independence, care and above all else.. self-confidence.

When you join Authentic Dreads you will be inspired to accept yourself and your right now and step forward to the future your heart wants.

Ellie B .
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Oh, and by the way, I’m real, like you...

There’s no holding back of my personal failures or photoshopping my life right here.

Every now and then you’ll see me going into my old patterns, or just being a little lazy. I choose to show you all these imperfections and the real life me. It’s a real, authentic experience where I don’t expect perfection from you or me. Life is life and pretending it’s all roses makes it harder fro people being REAL.

To me, the most important thing is embracing and celebrating who I am and choose to be – and I want you to do the same.

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What if just a few months

from now you could be

Doing work you love from home

being the most authentic you,

and feeling confident...

Just one last thing…


I used to think it was not possible to make enough money to support my family and love what I do. That I could never get enough clients. And I couldn’t accept and be fully myself.


Looking back, this made me miss out on so many opportunities, I was never present and, well, truthfully I wasn’t truly happy.

All the joy was overrun with stress and exhaustion…


It’s only once you learn and decide to follow your passion that life stops being so stressful and exhausting. That you no longer miss being a part of the exciting adventure that life is meant to be…


No more missing family events because you don’t have the time, feeling like your not financially doing enough or like you don’t have something that truly yours.


So, ask yourself… isn’t it time to trust myself?

To commit and direct my future?



If the answer’s a wholehearted “Yes”, then I’m excited to get to know you while you become an Authentic Dreads Qualified Loctitian…

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