You deserve the life you want.

For so many people the journey to creating everything you want with family, work and connection is overwhelming and feels impossible at times. Deciding to take the path of home based loctitian to have satisfaction, time and money is a big one, that I have first hand experience on.

This is why my mission with Authentic Dreads Business Course is to is to help you become a confident loctitian that has a stable business that supports you and your family.

Over 10 Years of Experience Goes Into The Training I Give You.

My journey below shows you the years of experience, personal and in business that goes into the Mindset, Dreadlocks and Business training I deliver.

Today I am fortunate enough to help hundreds of dreadlocks lovers around the world to transform their lives with dreadlocks, mindset and business and create the lives that they desire and deserve.

I'd love you to be the next Authentic Dreads Qualified Loctitian supporting your family financially and with confidence.

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With Authentic Dreads I am passionate about helping people become successful,
confident loctitians. Because when your loving your life, so am I.
I hope that by sharing my story with you, you are inspired to trust yourself that you can also create what you want and i have the privilege of helping you create it.
Watch the video to see how my journey unfolded.

My Journey So Far

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After years of partying, bar work and an emotional breakdown at 21, I started working for regional health services for Qld Health, something I loved. Funny thing is, apparently I don't do well being told what to do. Especially when it goes against my moral code. I'm guessing you can relate to this.

Through this time I was searching for more than "this". I was searching for something that would bring me peace and joy. I tried Reiki, Echart Tolle, contributing in community groups and more. It was a time where personal growth was at the for front. I realise now, that my success in business and life started here. These foundations and learnings served me to create the success I now have.

The first big girl job searching for more.


In 2015, with the business starting to build I was at a cross roads. I gave birth to my second daughter in 2014 Marlia Sage and could feel I wanted more in life. I was not feeling content or satisfied in myself. I had pretty much everything I physically wanted, but inside, I was struggling.
I happened across the Avatar Course and from there everything made more sense. I started to look at what I really wanted.

I turned my life and my marriage on its head . I wanted honest connection and purposeful living. It took us over 2 years of clashing, sorting, deciding to come together into a new way of life where we both feel aligned with.

We sold our amazing house and pretty much everything we owned and kept the things we valued (yes, we kept the kids =).

This time of sticking to my guns for the happiness and future of everyone bore a passion in me that any man or woman can truly have what they want if they are willing to go for it.


The next big change.


Where I started.

From South Australian Born to the long drive to Centeral Western Australia in a panel van with multiple nose bleeds from the Qld heat with my amazing family, I have lived an adventure of a life. I had horses, was bullied (you can see I was a cool kid =), I've had amazing friends, lived in the bush and the beach, I travelled most parts of Australia before I was 13 and could not love my family more. As a creative I did science at Uni (go figure) before I got to really know myself and what I wanted. I partied, I crafted, I was quiet in the corner and the life of the party. I did what I wanted when I wanted with part good and part self destructive intentions my whole life.

There are many sides to me that flipped a lot in my growing up. Until the age of 23 where my life began to take a shape that I finally decided on.

The First Babies

I gave birth twice in 2011 with my first daughter Indiah Rose and my first set of dreadlocks which calmed my life dramatically. I have been a bit of a bull at a gate my whole life, babies and dreadlocks were a transition to being more calm and settled. It was the transition to caring for myself and others.

Becoming a mother was not the smoothest transition for me, neither was dreadlocks.

The dreadlocks had to be started again as I really did not make the best decision on choosing a locitian. I did not know what to look for and what information to trust. Out of this challenging experience and the decision I was not going to work for anyone else again, Authentically Me Dreadlocks was born to help others have the dreadlocks journey they really wanted.

Learning and growth.

This point is where my business started to grow in a big way. Using the direction I had found and the clear mindset I had I focused on building the newly branded Authentic Dreads, teaching others Avatar and supporting James to build his new business FloCryo.

I looked at what was missing, cleaned up my financials, learnt marketing from anyone and everyone I could. I focused my attention on what was needed. Learning and growing, struggling and succeeding.
In the years I did something I never thought possible. I fully financially and physically supported my family. James had 2 years of focusing on building his business where I covered everything, family and financials.
This time has given me strength to know that anything really is possible.

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Now to help others.

2020 was kind to me for the time to decide and build a new direction for Authentic Dreads and Avatar. Developing the online dreadlocks course allowed me to help so many more people. To have others able to build confidence, income and the life they want no matter where they are. The business course now forwards me the opportunity to help so many more dread lovers get amazing dreads first up and help others help others.


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