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Through the empowering combination of Mindset Coaching, Business Setup, Marketing Skills, and Dreadlocks Technique Training, Ellie B will change the way you see yourself - AND take you well beyond your current limitations.

The Authentic Dreads Training is motivated by self-worth, independence, care and above all else.. self-confidence.


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Trusted by over 1000 Dreadheads

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Over 100,

5 Star Reviews

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Over 10 years experience

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Offered in over 23 Countries


Tania K.

In general the whole course for me was, just overall, really empowering because you covered so many aspects within the course, so I liked that.

Thank you.


Shandelle L.

I gained confidence from the course. Confidence to know that I can do this, and that running my own business does not have to be so difficult.That it's achievable as long as you're willing to put the work into it. It's something I feel like I can actually do now when I was very tentative about it.

I feel like I've got this!"


Breanna S.

I've now got the confidence now to take on pretty much any dreadlocks head that comes at me and I just want to build and be really successful."


exhausted from demand when it comes to your time, family and purpose?

Are you feeling

When you learn to be a loctitian and move beyond your limits, every aspect of your life improves and work becomes less stressful.

I know you're ready to finally go beyond your limits and be the person you know you can be. You and your family deserve the best you...

Beyond Dreadlocks

Online Course.

is a key to becoming a confident, independent being.

Somewhere along the way perhaps you lost your spark with work that matters, you lost confidence

in yourself or you've spent far too long placing

everyone else's needs above your own.

Imagine for a moment, instead of feeling exhausted, you woke up every morning doing something you love and starting each day with

enthusiasm, energy and excitement

(and finally doing something you love and choose).

Relationships become stronger and more loving. Happiness spreads through every part of life. And you discover levels of purpose you didn't think possible... without even feeling guilty (I'm not joking).

It's time to develop trust in yourself and purposeful work that fills you with purpose and joy.

If you're like I was, you have probably wanted to start your own "thing" for a while, but you don't even know where to start.

You try your hand at a lot of things, but nothing seems to stick, you already have so much going on and it is all just too much, and it's exhausting. You become disheartened and get distracted with life. Only to find yourself months later in the same situation. Feeling the same exhausted way.

Online Course

Authentic Dreads 

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Believe me, I get it. I have done all the things crafty mums do to help out and feel valued.



Authentic Dreads 

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isn't like any other dreadlocks training you've seen.

Here's why...

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This is not me. Or what Authentic Dreads is about.

You and your heart deserve care and support.

Are you ready for something different?

Zero risk. Obligation Free Connection Call.

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Leave out essential information.

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Expect you to be perfect.

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Leave you to fend for yourself.

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Authentic Dreads 


Beyond Dreadlocks Business Online Training gives you unlimited access to - Mindset, - Purpose, - Business Set-up,

- Marketing, - Dreadlocks - Maintenance, - Repairs,

- New, and -Extensions Online Classes for

complete confidence and sill development at home.

It gives you all the classes, motivation and support

you need to finally be your own boss and create your own income.

I'm focused on getting you results in a different way

that comes from a place of self-worth,

independence, care and above all else,


This is the Authentic Dreads Method.

I created it for AUTHENTIC beings (that's you!)

Are you ready to create the self-confidence,

find your purpose and transform your life with creating a purposeful income for yourself and your family?

And just so you know, it's not about

being 100% ready right now.

It's about being 100% determined

and open to embracing change,

even when you are up against fear,

doubt and uncertainty.

Ready to start your journey and make that change?

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Because that's when real change happens.

Zero risk. Obligation Free Connection Call.

It's not about doing what is expected and avoiding discomfort


Believing in yourself to create the life you want.

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I have a sneaking suspicion I've been where you are now...

I spent years and years telling myself limiting money, self and family stories. I didn't have any money of my own or spare cash.

But the real toxicity came from the building resentment toward my husband and kids. I thought it was them holding me back.

I was going through life doing what needed to be done with little joy. I took care of others and neglected my passions and heart needs.

I worked my butt off for boss's and my kids because I didn't value my unique self and purpose. I gauged my value on how others saw me, and I did not ever want to be seen as struggling so I kept it all in.

But no matter how much I did to meet others expectations, tried to be perfect and kept it all to myself. I was never 100% happy.

It wasn’t until I decided to start my own business and worked on myself that everything changed.

It's no exaggeration to say that deciding to start a
dreadlocks business and to work on own mindset
ompletely transformed my life - and it inspired me

to create this training course, so you can have

the same incredible experience.

Whether it's increasing your income, becoming more confident,
learning dreadlocks technique or finding more
purposeful work in daily life. A
ll of that is possible

(and will happen)
f you commit to your Authentic Dreads journey.

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If you're not a patient person, this is a great way to set it up. Your hair will immediately be in a good length to tie and bun.

After creating dreadlocks done, it's prime time to start paying more attention to your hair roots and scalp.

Are you someone who wants to make living out of what you love??? You may want to consider becoming a successful loctician.

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As we go on this journey together,

I promise you will rediscover a purposeful way of living

that's filled with growth, joyous purpose and confidence, work that motivates you (seriously!).

Theres only one thing you need to do.

This is a training motivated by self-worth, independence, care and above all else.. self-confidence.

(you really don't experience this anywhere else

in the dreadlocks world!).

If you're an amazing being (yes that's you)

who needs a little guidance and support to learn

how to build a livelihood from your purpose and transform your relationship with your self value...